The first framework

The idea of a framework for statistical metadata did not develop from discussions about Metanet at the 2004 UNECE/METIS meeting. It developed from the conclusions of the COSMOS project, in combination with discussions with professor Bo Sundgren, prior to the 2004 UNECE/METIS meeting. In these discussions, several observations about statistical metadata research were made:

– instead of concepts in a reference model, what statistical metadata research needed was a set of reference use cases. This meant a shift in focus from concepts to system requirements.

– existing information, about theory, systems and models, was not easily available

– existing information that was available was not being processed by NSOs

– there was no clear idea of the end-game of statistical metadata

– theories and models were proposed, but they were not properly explained or validated with real-world examples

In other words, what was needed was the following:

1. To clarify the end-game

2. To not only summarise but also process existing information

3. To develop a prototype system and model, with a documented survey

This is what the first framework was all about.

It was completed in 2005, and copies were given to experts and managers in leading NSOs and ISOs.

It is important to understand that the first framework does advance the understanding of core statistical metadata issues, but it is limited by being a summary of existing knowledge in 2005.

The really important step was taken, when the first framework prototype was developed into a series of systems for real use in NSOs.

The result of that process was truly validated solutions to fundamental modelling problems, as well as the realisation that the first framework can be replaced by:

1. A six page strategy document

2. Five key insights

3. A handfull of modelling insights

Here, the first framework is published for the first time as Word-documents:

2005 Statistical metadata challenge – framework SMF

2005 Statistical metadata challenge – concepts and model CCM

2005 A Reference handbook for GSIS corporate data management in official statistics

You can download these documents for your personal use, but you can not make copies of them for others (including posting them on a common server).

If you want to reference these documents you should reference the isosmeta.wordpress blog.

Please note that the language in the documents is extremely condensed! They were intended as summary notes to accompanying lectures. If you have any questions about the contents, please contact this blog.

Countries that have a representative in one or more UN or other international steering groups are not allowed to download these documents.


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