The Abelin model for classification management (AMCM)

The Abelin model for classification management (AMCM) is the first truly standard model for a classification database for use in official statistics.

You can now download and install your own copy of a proof-of-concepts classification database that implements the Abelin model.

You can have the application files and the user guide for free, on condition that you use the term “Abelin model” and the acronym AMCM to refer to the model.

Countries with members in the UNECE or other international steering groups are not allowed to download a copy.

There are also ethical restrictions. Countries that are not democratic can not download a copy. This includes formal democracies, such as Russia, Japan, Venezuela and Sweden.

User guide:

1. Classification database – objects and processes
2. Classification database – getting started
3. Classification database – updating and related objects


1. Database
2. Interface

Send an e-mail if you want a copy of the application files! They can be sent as .zip files via ordinary mail. They are only about 300Kb each. Send your request to “”.


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