Do you know that national statistical offices (NSO:s) have failed to develop their own metadata systems for more than 30 years?

This is a closed world, unknown to most people in the IT-industry.

The purpose of this blog is to let the world know what is going on, and at the same time poke fun at all the pseudo-experts at NSO:s, who have built whole careers on doing essentially nothing.

After the 2010 UNECE/METIS and SDMX expert group meetings this blog has become an archive. However, one or two posts may be added if something interesting happens.

I have also published the first framework for statistical metadata. You can download it from this blog. However, remember that it can be replaced by five key insights, a handful of modelling insights and a six page strategy document.

The most recent addition is documentation that describes the Abelin model for an NSO classification management system. The first truly standard statistical metadata model. You can download it from this site.

By the way, did I mention that the issues thay they are trying to solve have in large parts already been solved? In fact, 80% has already been solved by the regular IT-industry. You only have to know how to identify it and adapt it.

During 2011 I have temporarily restarted the blog. The reasons for this have been the increasing SDMX hype (and signs of failure) and the GSIM modelling project.

What is GSIM? Maybe the fifth attempt during the last ten years to develop a common reference model. Do you think that they will succeed?

You can contact this blog via e-mail: isos.meta@gmail.com.


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