Bo Sundgren – An intellectual biography – No. 7 Another missing link!

My Swedish source continues to turn up new publications by Professor Sundgren.

I would seem that his bibliography as published on his home page is incomplete.

Here is what he has found:

“RAM – A Framework for a Statistical Production System”, published by Statistics Sweden in 1979.

Another missing link?

Now, here is something interesting. Guess where it was first published!

By the Conference of European Statisticians and their seminar about “Integrated Statistical Information Systems”.


However, a quick look at this report suggests that Bo was busy trying to solve data base management issues with his own infological model, issues that were was later solved by commercial relational databases. Maybe that is why this ended up on the historical scrapheap?

On the other hand, the idea of general production modules, for aggregation, etc, can also be found here.

If anything, this just strengthens my critique. If all visions, goals and ideas, even concepts, were on the table already thirty years ago, why has this still not been solved?

The further back in time we can follow this, the more incriminating it gets. In this case, we have revealed an early involvement from the UN.


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